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The Kokoro Journal offers a guided journaling experience, that both dedicated writers and those that are new to journaling will enjoy. Containing over 200 pages, the Kokoro Journal includes; 4 months of daily writing, goal setting and mindfulness exercises, weekly activities, a place for your to-do lists and much more! The aim is to keep you inspired, motivated and focused to stay on track with your own personal goals to get you to where you truly belong. The journal is undated so you can begin any time! You only need to spend a few minutes a day reflecting to experience the benefits of journaling. A place for you to find some calm amongst the chaos of daily life.

What’s included:

  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing exercises
  • Self-care menu
  • Space to practice gratitude
  • Goal setting guidance with space for 14 weeks
  • 4 months undated journal space incl. daily reflections
  • Weekly quotes and exercises
  • To-do lists

Proven Benefits of journaling:

  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Creates a more positive mindset
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Regulates emotions
  • Can help you to prioritise problems
  • Improves cognitive function
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16 reviews for Kokoro Journal

  1. Laura

    The kokoro journal is the most beautiful journal I’ve ever had.
    With over 200 pages, there’s space to do your daily writing with gorgeous quote pages in between to keep you inspired!
    There’s pages for setting goals & mindfulness exercises, weekly activities, and space for gratitude & to do lists!
    Katie has also included her story and a bit about her life and space for you to write your story too which I thought was a nice touch. I love this journal so much and I highly recommend it! Go get it!

  2. Michelle

    I am so glad I bought this lovely journal Katie has put a lot of thought into the design and it shows. It feels like i am being gently guided with my writing and thoughts, its one of the best self help guides I’ve come across.

  3. Lauren

    I was gifted The Kokoro Journal by a lovely friend after talking about how beneficial she finds using hers. It is such a comforting and beautiful journal full of helpful tips, prompts, support and positivity.
    I have tried journaling in the past and never really stuck with it as I didn’t know what to write, but I love that there are prompts in this journal and exercises to complete. They have helped me build a more positive mindset, and my anxiety has reduced massively.

    I love everything about the journal, particularly Katie’s very inspiring story at the beginning.

    I look forward to journaling every evening and feel much more grateful, relaxed, and me.

    Thank you Katie x

  4. Caron Romney

    Such a beautiful, inspiring journal.
    After reading Katie’s story in the preface, you can’t not be moved by it. It is as inspiring, as it is heartbreaking, but in itself shows how self discovery, resilience and positivity conquers all.
    Having practised gratitude for many years, this book is a dream. Uplifting and positive, a true gift.

  5. Louise Mackie

    My mum bought me the Kokoro Journal for Christmas as she knows I am a bit of a worrying person, she thought it may help me. It certainly has! It’s so nice how it’s laid out and has positive mantras throughout. It explains about mindfulness, breathing techniques, self care, personal goals and tips on how to write in your journal. I love that Katie gives her personal story in there too. I could recommend this journal to anyone, its definitely been useful to me so far & look forward to sitting down to write in it. My favourite part is the little exercises that are put in to get you thinking about your life : past, present & for the future. Such a lovely idea Katie, well done xx

  6. Lizzie

    Having experienced personal struggles with anxiety; having gone through CBT, counselling and medication I have found that journalling in the right way has been extremely helpful and therapeutic. I have tried many journals over the last few years but the Kokoro journal has been my favourite by far! Not only does this book feel personal with Katie letting you into her journey but there is space for you to contribute your own journey, spaces to reflect in the present that can increase your awareness of triggers and keep you in touch with your emotions, as well as simple exercises when you feel the mind fog descend. The journal is beautifully presented and doesn’t have a blaring “this is my anxiety book” kind of cover making it discreet to take out and about with you. You can feel the calm energy radiating from the pages!

  7. Stacey

    Absolutely beautiful and refreshing journal. Easy to use and so helpful in resetting your mindset. Absolute must for anyone!

  8. Chrissy

    I’ve bought two of the journals already as gifts and they’ve gone down so well. Love being able to support people with self care and they look absolutely gorgeous when they arrive!

  9. Lorraine moran

    This is a lovely journal. It’s very calming and well set out. Perfect size and has a nice feel

  10. Stacy

    Thank you Katie for creating such a beautiful journal. The way it is set out really helps to organise one’s thoughts and the little prompts make this an ideal journal for someone just getting into putting their thoughts down on paper. Beautiful

  11. B. Patel

    This journal is just amazing! It has so much information, tips guidance and positivity just what you need when you want a time out or you need a helping hand with life.Well done Katie absolutely love this journal xXx

  12. Amanda

    This journal is the most beautiful journal I have bought by far, i absolutely love the quotes, prompts are so helpful, and the layout is just lovely. Thank you for sharing your story to encourage me to write my own. I enjoy taking the time out for myself to fill it in. <3

  13. Holly Davis

    In the past I’ve found ‘journaling’ difficult to get into but this beautiful and inspiring journal from Kokoro has helpful prompts to guide you throughout. It’s a beautiful book inside and out with a very powerful story to encourage your own.

  14. Gemma Parrish

    The journal is absolutely gorgeous. I just love the design and concept . It looks so stylish and well made . I am really looking forward to taking time out and starting to use it . Thank you so much. X

  15. Alexandra

    A beautiful journal.
    Having not done much journal writing previously, I found this really easy to follow and a helpful tool for managing day to day stresses. It also gives me a purpose to spend some time each day focussing on myself and self-care. Highly recommend.

  16. Andrew

    I bought this for my partner for one of her birthday presents as she’s struggled with her mental health / anxiety since she was a teenager. She absolutely loves it and uses it mainly for goal setting, she also says it looks good on her shelf with all her crystals lol

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